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Floral Pillow Cases Vintage

This elegant floral pillow cases is perfect for your sweetie. With its vintage looking design and full flat sheet, your little one will look great in hers. Plus, the case comes with case of pillow cases for just $5!

Ruffled Embroidered Fieldcrest Jcpenney Cannon Floral
No Iron Muslin Flower Floral New

2 VINTAGE Morgan Jones Standard

By Morgan-Jones


With White Cut Flowers + Crochet -read Info
Vintage Louis Nichole 2 Shabby Chic Ruffle Floral Standard Pillow Cases -Stevens

Vintage Louis Nichole 2 Shabby




Vintage Hand stitched Crocheted Pillow

By Stevens Utica Mohawk


Mod Spring Flowers Floral  Set 2

Vintage Sears Roebuck Standard Pillow

By sears roebuck co


In Pkg

Vintage NOS JC Penney Fashion

By Fashion Manor


Vintage Floral Pillow Cases

If you're looking for a stylish and functional way to keep your pillow cases looking young and fresh, then check out vintage floral pillow cases. These cases are made from lightweight fabric and can be used as a- stand or a-frame for your next pillow case party. Plus, since they're made from natural materials, you can be sure that they won't harm your pillow cases1). if you're looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your pillow cases, then check out our other blog posts about vintage flower pillow cases: 1) how to make vintage flower pillow cases 2) how to choose the right type of flower pillow cases 3) the perfect size for your pillow cases.

Floral Pillow Cases Vintage Walmart

This vibrant yellowunknown is perfect for adding a touch of beauty to your room. The panes de ivresse are made of closed-cell foam and are characterised by their beautiful, vibrant colors. These pillow cases are also love-worthy because of the beautiful embossed design on the cover. The cases also come with two luxurious, deep-seated pansy plants. And a two-meter long (4'10") potted paning. this stevens pillow cases series is all about luxury and classic lookin' for your guests. These cases are made of recycled materials and have our favourite design on them - a laurel wreath with a sweet floral design. Not only are they a beautiful addition to your room's look, but they're also easy to care for - simply mix and mix with the other colors to find the one perfect for your room. These pillow cases are made of sturdy threadbare fabric and are made to go each around a woman's chest. There are several different and stylish designs on show, from halting and simple designs to more intricate and complex designs. The cases are also lightweight and perforated in the front to let in some air. The cases are place the pillow cases on a person's chest and offer a natural way of breathing life into your bedtime story. This soft and luxurious pillow cases is made with 2 handcrafted floral designs. It comes in 20 different shades, including green, blue, and purple, and is 29. 5" l x 29. 5" w x 2. The pillow cases have a standard pillow form. This bedding is made in the usa.